VATTI “Artemis Series” Tower Type Range Hood V930


Classic Look

Extended Range Gathering

Deeper Range Cavity

Patent Housing



Product Highlights

VATTI “Artemis Series” Tower Type Range Hood V930

Double Cavites

Double Cavities, Double Negative Pressure Zones, Most Efficient Suction

Turbo Suction

Turbo function for Wok and Deep-fry. Turbo Suction: 22. Normal Suction: 20

Patent Smoke Exhaust Technology

450Pa Powerful Negative Pressure Zone. Exhausting Smoke Before Escaping

Patent V Shape Motor Housing

Better Performance for More Fluent Smoke Removal

Product Specifications

VATTI “Artemis Series” Tower Type Range Hood V930

  • Model: V930
  • Rating Voltage & Frequency:2 20V-240V/50Hz
  • Max Static Pressure: 400 Pa
  • Rating Motor Power: 270 W
  • Rating Illumination Power: 5W
  • Rating Pumb Power: 12V=/12W
  • Suction Volume:18m^3/min
  • Turbo Suction Volume: 20m^3/min
  • Noise Level: 53dB
  • Odor Reduce Rate (Normal): 95%
  • Oil Seperation Degree: 85%
  • Duct Size: φ190mm
  • Product Dimension/(with hood corner gasket):8 96*510*615mm
  • Chimney Dimension/(with hood corner gasket): 400*324()*400mm
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